Northeast Generators


Northeast Generators offers a complete start to finish installation process beginning with the permit application process. Including installation of the generator, electrical system and gas / propane piping to fuel the generator form your existing gas meter or propane system. All work is performed by NJ state licensed electrical and plumbing contractors. We provide installation services throughout the state of New Jersey.

How it works

1.Once you decide to move forward we require a 50% deposit and a copy of your property survey with lot and block number written on it.

2. We will fill out a gas load form for the gas company and fax it to them to ensure that the check to see that your gas meter is large enough to supply your new generator. (If meter needs to be replaced the gas company will coordinate with you to do so once the generator is installed)

3. When the permits are ready to be picked up we will notify you of the amount and you can pick them up from your town's construction office.

4.After you have the permits we will proceed with the installation of your generator starting with setting the generator on a pre formed cement pad in the location approved by your local zoning official.

5.Next the transfer switch will be set and wired to your existing electrical system in the manor required for your generator installation. Weather it be a whole house or partial house system.

6.Wire the generator to your newly installed transfer switch.

7. The plumber will run his gas piping from your gas meter to the generator.

8. At completion of gas piping, an inspection will be scheduled for a gas line pressure test to ensure that there are no leaks in your new gas line.

9.Upon passing this inspections Northeast generators will perform a factory authorized startup and warranty registration. Then we will be ready for the final electrical inspection.

10. After all final inspections are passed and your new generator is fully operational the final invoice balance is due.

The actual installation process will take a total of 2 days. During those two days someone must be home to provide the technicians access to your house for wiring and gas piping the generator. During the first day you can expect the power to be turned off for a period of 2-4 hours depending on the complicity of the installation. On the second day we will need to turn off the gas for a period of 1 hour. Once gas is restored, our plumbing tech will need to gain access to the common areas of your home to ensure that all of the pilot lights are re-lit on all of your gas fired appliances. Please not some appliances may not have a pilot light or automatically light themselves once gas is restored.

Please enjoy the peace of mind in having your own Automatic backup power source. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns you may have with your new Kohler generator. Don't forget to sign up for one of our generator annual maintenance contracts.

Thank you for all your help in putting in ten generators to our group homes and apartments so quickly and efficiently.

As you know, life was extremely difficult for our residents after Hurricane Sandy and many of our group homes and apartments, who house the adults with developmental disabilities served by Our House, were without power for weeks.

It was shortly after the hurricane that I approached you for help – you gave us good prices on the generators and followed through with prompt installation. We know we can count on you for yearly maintenance and any repairs needed.

It is a pleasure working with you and I recommend your company to friends and family.
– Catherine Colford, Our House Foundation